Attending USA Conferences with an Evisa

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Traveling to the United States for a conference can be both an exciting and a challenging experience. The US is home to numerous industry-leading conferences, symposiums, and conventions, which draw professionals from across the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time attendee, the US offers a melting pot of cultures, innovation, and opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and leaders in your field.

But before you can dive into the bustling conference scene, it’s essential to ensure that your entry into the United States is seamless. This is where the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, or ESTA, comes into play for travelers from VWP Countries. An application form for an ESTA must be at the top of your checklist for conference travel preparations.

Understanding the ESTA for Conference Attendees

For those participating in conferences in the US, understanding the ESTA is paramount. The ESTA is not a visa, rather it is a visa waiver program that provides authorization for citizens of VWP countries to travel to the United States for business, tourism, or while in transit for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa.

Applying for an ESTA is straightforward. If you’re gearing up for a conference, you’ll want to apply well in advance to ensure that there are no hiccups in your travel plans. The three steps to apply for your ESTA are:

  • Fill out our easy-to-use online application form. The application takes about 10 minutes, and you will need to have your valid passport within reach.
  • Submit & Pay for your application. We accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit Card for your convenience.
  • Get your ESTA emailed to you within 72 hours. We’ll send your approved travel authorization straight to your inbox, so you’re all set to attend the conference.

If you’re short on time, eVisaUS offers expedited processing options at checkout to help ensure you receive your authorization as swiftly as possible.

Travel Checklist for US Conferences

Once your ESTA is sorted, there are several other factors to consider to make your conference experience smooth and productive:

Research the Conference Venue & Accommodations

Make sure you research the conference venue and surrounding area. Secure accommodations that are convenient for traveling to and from the event. Consider the amenities you will need, like Wi-Fi for continuing work or relaxation facilities for unwinding after a long day.

Plan Your Networking

Conferences are hotspots for networking. Bring plenty of business cards and plan meetings in advance if possible. Consider setting up a dedicated app or digital method for sharing your contact information, as this is increasingly preferred.

Prepare Your Agenda

Review the conference schedule and highlight sessions and events that are most important for your professional development and networking goals. Allow for flexibility in your agenda for impromptu meetings or sessions that might unexpectedly pique your interest.

Travel and Health Insurance

Be sure to arrange for travel and health insurance. The US healthcare system can be expensive, and having insurance is a safeguard against unforeseen medical expenses.

FAQs about ESTA for US Conference Attendees

Travelers often have questions regarding the ESTA and how it pertains to attending conferences in the US. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can I attend a conference in the US with an ESTA?

Yes, if you’re from a VWP country, you can attend a conference in the US with a valid ESTA.

How long can I stay in the US with an ESTA?

The ESTA permits stays for up to 90 days, which is sufficient for most conferences and associated activities.

What if my ESTA application is denied?

If your ESTA application is denied, you must apply for a B1/B2 visitor visa, which can be used for business and conference travel.

Can I travel to the US multiple times with the same ESTA?

Yes, an ESTA is typically valid for two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. You can enter the US multiple times within that period.

Is an ESTA required if I’m just transiting through the US to reach another country?

Yes, even if you’re only transiting, you need an ESTA to pass through the US.


Attending a conference in the United States could be a pivotal point in your career. Ensure your travel documents, particularly the ESTA, are in order so you can focus on what’s important: learning, networking, and taking in the rich tapestry of US culture surrounding your conference experience. With your mind at ease about travel authorization, you can fully engage with the wealth of knowledge and opportunity awaiting at your conference destination.
For a hassle-free ESTA application process, apply here.

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