How Norwegian Nationals Can Easily Check Their Evisa Status Before Traveling to the USA

The allure of the United States as a travel destination knows no bounds, attracting countless adventurers, entrepreneurs, culture enthusiasts, and holiday-goers each year. From the neon-lit streets of New York City to the sun-soaked beaches of California, the US is a tapestry of diverse landscapes and experiences. For Norwegian citizens, embarking on an American journey represents an easy process, thanks to the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Before packing your bags to soak in the star-spangled wonders, checking your Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) status is a crucial step to ensure a smooth entry to the US.

Norwegian citizens benefiting from the VWP can apply for an ESTA, which simplifies the process of traveling to the United States. However, understanding the ESTA’s validity and keeping track of its status should be high on your pre-departure checklist. Let’s guide you through the necessities, ensuring your American dream doesn’t encounter any unnecessary roadblocks.

Understanding ESTA for Norwegian Travelers

ESTA serves as a travel authorization rather than a traditional visa, designed specifically for travelers from VWP countries such as Norway. It lets you visit the United States for tourism, business, or transit purposes without the need for a visa, provided your stay does not exceed 90 days. However, like any travel document, knowing its validity and verifying its status is crucial to avoid travel disruptions.

Applying for an ESTA is relatively straightforward — here’s how it’s done:

  • 1. Fill out our easy-to-use online application form. The application takes about 10 minutes. Make sure to have your passport handy.
  • 2. Submit & Pay for your application. We accept all payment types. PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Credit Card.
  • 3. Get your ESTA emailed to you within 72hrs. We’ll email you your approved travel authorization and that’s it, you’re ready to go!

If you’re in need of your ESTA urgently, you can select from our expedited processing options at checkout for an additional fee.

How to Check Your ESTA Status

If you are a Norwegian national and have previously obtained an ESTA, checking its status is often necessary before planning a new trip to the United States. Identifying whether your ESTA is still valid or if a new application is needed prevents last-minute travel hiccups. Here’s what you can do:

Contact our customer service team for assistance. They are equipped to help you with your ESTA inquiries, which includes checking the status of your existing ESTA.

What You Need to Check Your ESTA

When reaching out to check on your ESTA status, you will be asked to provide some basic personal information. The following details are necessary:

  • Your full name as it appears on your passport
  • Your passport number
  • The date of issue and expiration of your passport
  • The country that issued your passport

This information will help us to access your ESTA records and inform you accurately about its status.

Common Reasons for ESTA Status Inquiry

As a Norwegian applicant, there may be various reasons why you’d need to check your ESTA status. Some common situations include:

  • Forgetting if or when you applied for an ESTA
  • Uncertainty about the ESTA’s expiration date
  • Updating information due to changes in your passport or other personal details
  • Wanting to confirm the approval of your ESTA before making travel arrangements

Keeping tabs on your ESTA status ensures peace of mind and allows for necessary updates or renewals to be made in a timely fashion.

FAQs for Norwegian ESTA Applicants

Do I need to print my ESTA?

It’s not mandatory to print a copy of your ESTA as it’s electronically linked to your passport. However, having a printout can serve as a handy reference during your travels.

What if my ESTA is expired or invalid?

If your ESTA has expired or is no longer valid for any reason, you will need to submit a new application before traveling to the United States.

Can my ESTA be renewed?

ESTA cannot be renewed. Once it expires, you must apply for a new one.

How long is an ESTA valid for Norwegian citizens?

An ESTA is generally valid for two years from the date of approval or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.


For Norwegian citizens, the ESTA offers a streamlined way to visit the United States, bypassing the need for a conventional visa. Checking its status ensures your travel plans remain uninterrupted. As you prepare for your trip to the US, keep in mind the importance of staying informed about your travel authorizations. With an active ESTA, you are set to experience the remarkable diversity and innovation that epitomizes the American spirit.

Remember, eVisaUS is here to assist you throughout the process, from application to checking your ESTA status. Safe travels and see you in the United States!

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