The Complete Evisa Guide for Polish Travelers to the USA

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Embarking on a journey to the United States is always a thrilling adventure—a chance to explore iconic cities, experience diverse cultures, and create unforgettable memories. As a Polish citizen, you have the opportunity to enjoy an easier travel experience thanks to the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Before packing your bags and heading to this vast and varied nation, it’s important to ensure you have the necessary travel authorization—an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

The ESTA process for Polish travelers is streamlined and user-friendly, allowing you to request permission to enter the United States for tourism, business, or transit purposes. Whether you’re dreaming of walking the bustling streets of New York City, soaking up the sun in California, or attending a conference in Chicago, an ESTA is your key to a hassle-free visit.

Understanding the ESTA for Polish Citizens

An ESTA is not a visa, but a travel authorization that is a prerequisite for Polish citizens traveling to the U.S. under the VWP. It is designed to enhance security by pre-screening passengers before they board an aircraft or vessel bound for the United States. The ESTA is valid for two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first, and allows for multiple entries into the country, with each stay lasting no more than 90 days.

To be eligible for ESTA, you must fulfill certain requirements, which include possessing a valid e-passport with a digital chip containing your biometric info. Additionally, you should intend to stay for less than 90 days and your purpose of travel should fit within the permitted categories—such as tourism, business, medical purposes, or transit.

How to Apply for an ESTA as a Polish Citizen

The application process for an ESTA is straightforward and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Here are three simple steps Polish citizens should follow to obtain their ESTA:

  1. Fill out our easy-to-use online application form. The application takes about 10 minutes. Make sure to have your passport handy.
  2. Submit & Pay for your application. We accept all payment types. PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Credit Card.
  3. Get your ESTA emailed to you within 72hrs. We’ll email you your approved travel authorization and that’s it, you’re ready to go!

If you need your ESTA in a hurry, you can choose from our two expedited processing options. Simply select your add-on at checkout.

Benefits of ESTA for Polish Citizens

Having an ESTA as part of your travel documents comes with multiple benefits such as:

  • Streamlined Entry: Enjoy a faster entry process upon arrival in the U.S.
  • Multiple Entries: Travel to the U.S. multiple times over two years without reapplying, as long as each visit is 90 days or less.
  • Flexibility: With ESTA, you can plan spontaneous trips without the lengthy visa application process.

Preparation and Tips for Polish ESTA Holders

Before you travel, it’s vital to ensure that all your plans align with ESTA requirements. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your trip:

  • Check the expiration date on your passport; it should be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States.
  • Stay informed about any updates or changes to the VWP, as they can affect your travel authorization and plans.
  • Remember, the ESTA is relevant for travel within the VWP only. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days or your travel is for other than the permitted purposes, a different type of visa will be necessary.

For comprehensive guidelines on the countries part of the VWP, you can learn more about VWP countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long before my trip should I apply for an ESTA?

You should apply for your ESTA at least 72 hours before your departure to the United States. However, it’s recommended to apply as soon as you start planning your trip, in case of any delays or the need for additional processing.

2. What if my ESTA application is denied?

If your ESTA application is not approved, you’ll need to apply for a U.S. visa. A denial does not prevent you from traveling to the U.S., but you will have to go through a more detailed visa application process.

3. Can I extend my stay in the U.S. with an ESTA?

No, you cannot extend your stay beyond the allowed 90 days under the VWP. If you need to stay longer, you must apply for the appropriate visa based on the purpose of your extended stay.

4. What if my passport expires after I have obtained an ESTA?

If your passport expires, your ESTA expires as well. You will need to reapply for ESTA using your new passport information.


Obtaining an ESTA for Polish citizens is a simple process that paves the way for a smooth entry into the United States. With a focus on convenience and security, an ESTA provides not only peace of mind but also the freedom to experience the vast offerings of the U.S. Remember to apply for your ESTA in advance, keep your travel documents up-to-date, and most of all, enjoy the immense opportunities and experiences that await you in the United States. Safe travels!

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