How Swedish Families Can Easily Apply for USA Visas

Envision the picturesque landscapes of the USA, where vibrant cityscapes meet serene natural wonders, offering a unique travel experience for those who wish to explore its vast diversity. For Swedish families looking to immerse themselves in American culture, from the bustling streets of New York City to the tranquil shores of California, planning a collective journey requires attention to specific travel requirements, notably visa applications. Whether you envisage a fun-filled family holiday in Disneyland or a road trip along Route 66, having the correct travel authorization is essential for a hassle-free adventure.

Traveling from Sweden to the USA for tourism, business, or transit purposes typically entails obtaining an ESTA, or Electronic System for Travel Authorization, under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). An ESTA is a convenient alternative to a regular visa, streamlining the entry process for Swedes and other VWP-eligible nationals planning short-term visits to the United States.

The ESTA: Simplifying Family Travel from Sweden to the USA

An ESTA grants you entry to the USA for up to 90 days, perfect for family trips where you wish to explore multiple destinations or simply enjoy extended quality time together. It’s essential for each traveler, regardless of age, to possess their own ESTA, which includes minors. The application process can be completed online, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate, thus saving valuable time when organizing your family vacation.

Applying for an ESTA for Your Family

The process of applying for an ESTA is straightforward and can be done from the comfort of your home. Here’s how you and your family can secure your ESTAs:

  1. Fill out our easy-to-use online application form. The application takes about 10 minutes. Make sure to have your passport handy.
  2. Submit & Pay for your application. We accept all payment types. PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Credit Card.
  3. Get your ESTA emailed to you within 72hrs. We’ll email you your approved travel authorization and that’s it, you’re ready to go!

If you need your ESTA in a hurry, you can choose from our two expedited processing options. Simply select your add-on at checkout.

Key Tips for Swedish Families Applying for an ESTA

  • Apply Well in Advance: We recommend applying for an ESTA at least 72 hours before your departure. However, it’s a good practice to apply as soon as your travel plans are confirmed.
  • Passport Validity: Ensure that every family member has a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the period of intended stay in the United States.
  • Consistent Information: When applying for family members, make sure that all details correspond exactly with the information on their passports to avoid any issues.
  • Authorization Duration: Remember, an ESTA is generally valid for two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. This means multiple trips to the USA are possible without reapplying, provided each stay is within the 90-day limit and the ESTA remains valid.
  • Overstay Prevention: Ensure your family’s travel plans respect the 90-day limitation of the ESTA to avoid complications with future US immigration requirements.

FAQs for Swedish Families Applying for an ESTA

Does every family member need a separate ESTA?

Yes, each family member, including infants and children, must have their own ESTA prior to traveling to the USA.

What if one of us has dual citizenship?

If a family member holds dual citizenship with a VWP country and a non-VWP country, they should use their VWP-eligible passport to apply for an ESTA.

Can we include all family members in one application?

No, each traveler must complete a separate application. However, families can submit payment for multiple applications in one transaction for convenience.

How do we know our ESTA application is approved?

You will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours indicating the status of your ESTA application. Ensure you provide a valid email address for this purpose.

What if our travel plans change after obtaining an ESTA?

An ESTA allows you to travel to the USA for any number of trips within the validity period, so you can adjust your travel plans without needing a new authorization as long as your ESTA is valid and the purpose of your travel aligns with ESTA regulations.


Taking a family trip from Sweden to the USA should be an exciting venture full of anticipation and joy. Obtaining an ESTA for all family members is a crucial step in making sure your visit to the United States is as smooth as possible, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Starting your ESTA application process early, keeping travel documents up-to-date, and staying informed about travel requirements will ensure a tranquil experience. We, at eVisaUS, are dedicated to helping you pave the way for a remarkable journey.

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